My E-Bike is a "Flyer i:sy" Pedelec

The family was highly sceptical about buying an electric bicycle.  Especially since I had in mind to buy a rather expensive Swiss made model.  On my way to the ebike dealer, I thought I might as well buy another folding bike, this time not a Brompton (see my blog My folding bike Brompton) but a German made "Birdy" by Riese-Müller.
In the shop, however, I saw the shiny Flyer model "i:sy" again which I had opted for in my previous visit of the shop.  The shop assistant said:  "All right, your family may be sceptical.  But please take this ebike with you.  In case they definitely dislike it, bring it back and then buy your folding bike Birdy.  Give the family a first ride, and you will see the fun factor."
So it happened.  I bought the bike, transported it home in the trunk of my car after I had  taken off the saddle post and the front wheel, and I gave the family the opportunity to have a test ride.  Result: Everybody enjoyed the bike immediately.  We will keep it and I will let you know more in future postings in this blog.