My Pedelec is the Swiss Made brand "Flyer", model "i:sy". First Rides.

Swiss made electric bike "Flyer",
 model "i:sy light", 2011

Bonn City - Holzlar, Roleber, Gielgen
Now I have done the 20 kilometer trip Gielgen (Holzlar) (about 168 m) down into the Rhine valley to Bonn City (approx.. 68 m) several times on my newly bought electric bike "Flyer is:y".  It`s a pedelec model  "i:sy light", chain gear shifting, 9 gears, 26  V 12 Ah rechargeable battery, 25 km/h version.

The power assistance can be changed between "high",
"standard" and"eco" to "no assistance"

The white push button isn used when
 walking the bike up a steep  slope.

The battery is locked with the same key as
 the ABUS anti-theft lock for the rear wheel

Ìt`s easy to take the battery out or to put it in.

The battery charger

The charger with mounnted battery

The gears and derailleur

Tire:  Schwalbe Big Apple, Pressure 4.5 Bar !

Very good Lumotec head light

Saddel with cushion comfort
Sturdy rear rack

ABUS anti-theft lock

"Up the Hell of Roleber" in 5 Minutes
Once in the Rhine valley, I usually ride along the river for about two kilometers, make a short stop somewhere in the city and then I go back up into the mountains to Roleber and Gielgen.  The final kilometer of my trip includes 400 meters of a rather steep slope of 11 %.  It used to be known  as the "hell of Roleber" at the time when Germany`s annual cycle race took place in the Bonn region.

Today I rode my pedelec up the "hell of Róleber" at a speed of 9 km per hour with the electric assistant put into "high". It took me about 5 minutes to reach the top, and my pedalling efforts were moderate.  Upon arrival in Roleber village, I was not out of breath, I just felt like having had a nice steady workout as on a hometrainer.  Now. a look at the distance of approx. 10 kilometers from Bonn to Roleber and Gielgen:  25 minutes. This is the same time the local bus needs.  The weather was nice, a bit cold, about   9 degrees centigrade.

Speeding downhill at 50 km/h 
And what about going down hill?  Great, this bike is fast thanks to the tires pumped up to the utmost.
At one point I reached the speed of 50 km/h, going down to Oberkassel without any electric assistance, well understood.

The Fun of "Flying" the Flyer
And when riding a level distance, like along the Rhine, no assistance is needed either.  But it is much fun to use it, nonetheless.  The support it gives you makes you fly along like a well trained cyclist with muscles and physical power.

Electric Energy Consumption?

About 20 kilometers ridden in approx. one hour cost me
2/5 of a full battery charge.  The experts say the eletric power drawn from the power grid at home would amount to less than half a Euro.

It`s fun to ride the Flyer i:sy.