The Pleasure of Riding at Night

On the web pages of my Indian bicycle friends (http://cyclists.in/group/nightbikeriders) I read that there is a group of 259 members who have joined behind the idea of riding at night.  The  location is Mumbai.
I agree with their observation, it`s a pleasure to ride at night, even here in Bonn, Germany.  After a visit to a beer garden, I did about 8 kilometers near midnight from the city center to my suburb, and there were only three public buses going by and two cars coming my direction.
Having the road for myself, I left the lane for cyclists.  Amazing the difference, the lane for cyclists is often rather bumpy, whereas motorists are enjoying a nice smooth black-top surface. We bicycle riders need to do a lot more lobbying for better lanes. --
And the air was fresh and cool,  how nice after a day (May 1, 2012) of 30 degrees centigrade in the shadow of my porch.  
Before closing down my computer, I saw the British website of nightriders.  They have scheduled a big event in June.  Interesting is the charity aspect. By fund raising activities they are planning to collect 1 million pounds for a good cause.  Here is the link: Nightrider.org.uk