With Swiss E-bike "Flyer" on a Hiking Trail in the Mountains

Riding my Swiss made electric bike "Flyer" model "i:sy" in the urban jungle has been a great success as you can see from my previous postings. - The bike`s  design has the looks of possessing good durability and of being a young life style product at the same time.  Any pleasure rider will love its most important typical e-bike feature:  it takes the exhaustion out of going up hills.

With a proven success record as an ecological vehicle in the big city, how does it rate on a hiking trail in the mountains?  Made in Switzerland, the country of mountaineering, should be a guarantee for its good performance on steep hiking trails.  Is this true?

On a fine day in May I rode the "i:sy" on one of our most attractive hiking trails along the Rhine, the Rheinsteig, starting in Bonn.  

The electric drive of ,my "Flyer" gave me an enjoyable ride through the woods of the "Siebengebirge" on the edge of the Rhine valley. But when  I came to the steepest slope leading up to the mountain "Petersberg" I had to descend for the last 500 meters.  The hiking trail is not meant for bikers at this part of the route.  But thanks to the bike`s push button for a boost while walking, it gave me a comfortable support when pushing the bike up the small,  slippery  wet and rocky trail. 

Now, what is my answer to the question: Can you do the Reinsteig on a "Flyer" model "i:sy"?

The answer is:  You can go very well on some parts of the trail, if you are an experienced biker on rough terrain, but you would be much better off on a mountain bike.