Riding my e-bike "Flyer" in the cold

This year`s winter has been relatively mild in Germany:  no snow so far in the Bonn area.
On my recent trips I did both the city and hiking paths in the country.  Consequently, I can  tell you of a new riding experience.

If you have read my previous blog entries, you will remember what  I wrote about roads and curbsides:  "bumpy" and "dangerous".  I had become aware of  these conditions of cycling lanes in Bonn because my e-bike has Schwalbe Balloon tires that were inflated to the utmost for the sake of less rolling resistance..

Now in January, with temperatures around 5 and 8 degrees centigrade during the day, the feeling for the road was entirely different.  Thanks to the low temperature, the air pressure in my Schwalbe ballon tires had decreased and my rides had become rather comfortable.  Granted, there are still a lot of places with dirt and gravel and traditionally cobbled pavements. My Swiss made e-bike "Flyer", model "i:sy" has proved to be sturdy enough to take anything, from cobbles in the city to dirt and gravel in the mountains.  Thanks to a saddle post with a suspension and the cold weather that taught me to appreciate the use of the balloon tires with less pressure than the instruction manual suggests, I have been enjoying comfortable and smooth rides.
My new formula is:  take a little more rolling resistance but enjoy the full comfort of balloon tires plus more grip.