My Flyer Model "i:sy" and the Handlebar "Speedlifter"

My Flyer Model "i:sy" and the Handlebar "Speedlifter"

The micro-computer screen mounted on my Flyer electric bike tells me that I have travelled over 300 kilometers in the past three weeks on my daily trips to town for shopping and in the area around the house for recreation.
I am using my bicycle more often since I have had the Flyer with its Panasonic battery powered support system.  The car stays in then garage when a trip of 15 kilometers is to be made because I do not shun the elevation parts of my bicycle rides any more.  I do not arrive at home out of breath and needing a shower after climbing the hills on my way back from a trip into the Rhine valley.  There is a simple formula:  Less hard pedalling work means more fun and more frequent use of the bicycle.
My joy starts when I take the bike out of the garage where it is parked in a space saving manner thanks to the convenient adjustable handlebar "Speedlifter".  This unique and new handlebar system enables me to set the handelbar in seconds to my height and out of the space saving parking position for which it is turned 90 degrees and into a straight line with the frame.
The "Speedlifter" has been invented by Markus Schulz, a bicycle expert with a large record of extreme tours, and by his company here in Germany. On their web-site I learnt that they are cooperating with the the Swiss bicycle maker Flyer.  Without my new electric Flyer bike I probably  would not have got to know this extremely convienient handlebar system which is still a world novelty.