Flyer E-Bike Battery in Bitterly Cold Weather

In my last posting I said that the weather had been relatively mild this winther.  This is no longer true.
Yesterday the country experienced one of the coldest nights in years.  Here in Bonn, the temperature was down at 14 degrees centigrade below zero.
Would you have left the Flyer`s battery pack at your bike in the garage?  I did not dare to do so.
The experts are saying that temperatures way below zero may damage the battery.  On the internet I found the following tips:  Avoid extreme temperatures and don`t reload the battery when it is frosty.  Ideally,  recharge at room temperature.
That is why I removed it from my bike and carried it inside the house where I have stowed it away on the basement.
Last Sunday morning I went by bike to the neighbouring village to the baker`s for fresh rolls.  So I got the battery from the basement, inserted it as usual in the middle of my bike and off I went. - The low temperature of minus 8 centigrade did not affect the functioning of my e-bike, as far as I could notice.