Enough "juice"? - Battery Charge Almost Running Out

PanasonicLithium Mangan Battery in Adapter for Charging
Today I went on a Sunday-morning-before-lunch trip into the Rhine valley, to Bonn and to Bad Godesberg where I visited a small Christmas market in the famous and traditional family owned hotel "Dreesen".

I rode along the riverside, and I noticed that my ride was smoother than on previous days.  Evidently the tires had lost a bit of  pressure, probably because the temperature had decreased. 

As I approached  the former parliament building in Bonn, I was confronted by a police barrier.  They were keeping the area around the World Congress Center closed because of the the international  conference on Afghanistan to be held on Dec. 5 with 85 nations participating. 

On my way around the enclosure and to Bad Godesberg I saw a group of  about 100 protesters, Afghans of Indian origin who were trying to tell the world about their religious suppression by the government of Afghanistan.

After my visit to the Christmas market with nice stands and traditional craftwork from Germany`s Erzgebirge in Thuringa, I took the ferry across the Rhine in order to go home, up the mountain via Oberdollendorf and Vinxel. A look at my  bike`s computer display showed me that only two fifth of my battery charge was left.

Would I make it up hill and all the way  back home?
When I was at one of the last steep slopes, the display showed that only one fifth was left.  I was getting nervous.  Then the indicator`s bar line had become very small, and it started to flicker.

Okay, I got home all right enjoying the full support of my little electric assistant.  I had done 32 kilometers, and when I took the battery out to be recharged, the bar indicator was still flickering.